Meeting with School Counsellors

The Meeting was held in Counselling and Research Center about the Project and Intellectual Outputs

A meeting with School Counsellors was held in the Counselling and Research Center (CRC) in Kütahya, Turkey. The meeting was held under the organization by Dumlupinar University (DPU) and Counselling and Research Center. Prof. Dr. Kursad YILMAZ, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oktay SAHBAZ, Exp. Vehbi Onur DEMIRCILER (DPU), Ugur ALIC ( Director of CRC) and Mestan KOCA (deputy manager) (CRC) held the meeting and told the process of ISSA Project to the participants.

In the meeting, the ideas of the counsellors were requested and their demands about the project were accepted. The counsellors especially requested to use the ISSA e-platform to follow the latest pedagogical develeopments in the world and share their problems with other stakeholders. In this respect, the introduction of e-platform was made to the counsellors. In addition to these, they also wanted to use ISMA module at theis schools to prevent absenteeism. For them, this module "as a bridge between family, student and teacher" was crucial.

The project team took notes about the meeting and wanted counsellor teachers to disseminate and tell the project and ideas to other teachers in their schools.

At the end of the meeting, the date of another meeting was determined, some kind of brochures were delivered to the participants.

22 January 2018, Monday - 2413 times read