Meeting with Governorship and Directorate of National Education

A meeting with Governorship, Directorate of National Education, DPU and CRC was held on 23rd of January 2018

Deputy Governor of Kütahya Arif YALÇIN, Directorate of National Education Hasan Başyiğit, DPU Project Coordinator Oktay ŞAHBAZ, Cengiz KARAGÜZEL, Kürşad YILMAZ, Vehbi Onur DEMİRCİLER; Head of Counselling and Research Center Uğur ALIÇ and Mestan KOCA, some school administrators and counsellors attended to the meeting to get information and discuss about the project and process.

In the meeting some statistical information about the ISSA Project was given and the intellectual outputs were presented to the participants.

At the end of the meeting Deputy Governor Arif YALÇIN and Directorate of National Education Hasan BAŞYİĞİT stated that, they will support the project to get the best result which will contribute to the continuity of education in each partner countries and other countries.

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