Meeting with School Principals on Student Absenteeism

In the process of interviews with students to identify the reasons of Student Absenteeism, a meeting with school principals is held in Kütahya.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oktay ŞAHBAZ, Lect. Dr. Figen KARAFERYE, Exp. V. Onur DEMİRCİLER (DPÜ), Vice Principal of CRC Mestan KOCA and five principals of different schools attended to the meeting.

The meeting was about the student behaviors towards absenteeism and the attitudes of principals on this matter. They were also asked about the reasons of student absenteeism which can be specific rather than general. Different from other usual reasons, they especially mentioned that absenteeism is a habit of mostly the children of divorced parents. All the possible reasons were noted down and their ideas to prevent absenteeism have been discussed in detail. The principals also demanded to use the ISMA module in their schools. The second meeting with principals will be held again and the process will be discussed in detail.


29 July 2017, Saturday - 2949 times read