Multiplier Event in Greece

Multiplier Event was organized by TEI of CRETE as a National Dissemination Event on 22-23 February 2019 in Heraklion, Greece


The event was organized by ISSA Project team of TEI of CRETE on 22-23 February 2019.


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30 participants from other institutions joined the event and  most of the participants were teachers and counsellors at school and they expressed their ideas about the effect of project in decreasing student absenteeism in national and international level.


In the event a general information about ISSA Project was given to partners with intellectual outputs. The reasons of Student Absenteeism in partner countries and analyses of these were also presented. In workshop session of the event the techniques of emotional intelligence of which training was given in Barcelona by M&M was also applied to participants.



Can We Free the Brain from this Cage?


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