Expected Results

It is an undeniable fact that students who are often absent in the school and away from formal education, have very low marks and adaptation behaviors, leave their school before graduation, and face the risk of unemployment and missed opportunities. In this sense, the topic of the project is to prevent “Student Absenteeism” resulting from social, cultural, personal and economic reasons, school structure and regulations, and also avoid “Early School Leaving”.

With ISSA Project, some more important results above the intellectual outputs, training events and multiplier events are expected in the course of project which has been kicked off with that project proposal.

First of all, with the help of Theatre Pedagogy, individuals which also include the parents of students will be given the message of absenteeism’s cons which have the potential to affect both individuals and future nations and this will be done through subconscious learning. With such a technique, the importance of social learning based on real life learning will be emphasized and the need of such lessons or activities will be emphasized at the same level with core subjects like math, science etc. This planned methodology will create awareness within the society in terms of chains of knowledge and reasoning.

Secondly, integration of Information Technologies into education with Individual Solution Module for Absenteeism (ISMA) and e-platform will make students familiar with educational technologies which will enable them to reach information in each phase of life especially in the 21st Century.

And also with the creation of a new content which will be possible with the training that will be given to trainers, structure of career planning will be possible and that will help students to put a goal for their future which make them encouraged to complete their education.

29 May 2017, Monday - 1908 times read